The last 12 months have been incredibly transformative for CommPac and we could not have been successful without our wonderful clients, partners and friends. In addition, I’m very proud of our team and the many challenging situations we collaborated on to deliver outstanding results.

As we move toward 2019, Public Relations continues to evolve and we are being responsive to the new demands. Below is a Q&A about the current state of our business and how I see it evolving in the years ahead.

People know the term “Public Relations,” but many don’t know what it entails. Can you sum it up?

We help our clients achieve their business goals and objectives through strategic communications, including:

  • Reputation Building – positioning a company or organization within its industry, profession, marketplace, and communities, as appropriate.
  • Marketing – positioning a company or organization’s products and/or services competitively within its marketplace by communicating its benefits and advantages to customers and potential customers using a variety of strategies, as appropriate.
  • Community Building – developing and engaging advocates for a company or organization’s plans, issues, and/or initiatives by literally building grassroots support amongst key internal and external stakeholders, and potential stakeholders.
  • Crisis Management – navigating a company or organization through a situation that could literally bring down operations by assisting with communications that are  proactive, transparent and responsive.

What is “a day in the life” of your job like?

I spend the first hour of every day, between 5 and 6 a.m., with a cup of coffee and a thorough review of all the local, national and international news. In our profession, one must know the context in which we are providing counsel to each client.  I often have a 7:30 a.m. breakfast meeting with a client two mornings a week or quiet work time at my desk.  Throughout the day, I have client meetings and/or conference calls, and internal strategy sessions with various account teams as we develop and implement work to be done to achieve results for each client.  I often have a late afternoon pau hana or dinner with clients a couple times a week.  It is not unusual to spend an hour or two in the evening responding to emails from clients and sending emails regarding client work as I plan for the next day.

What is the value of Public Relations for a company or organization?

In today’s world, it is critical that companies communicate effectively, internally and externally, in order to build and protect reputation, market products and services, build support with external stakeholders/advocates, and manage difficult situations and challenges responsibly.

What is the value of crisis communications?

We define “crisis” as something that has the potential to damage a company’s brand, reputation, financial standing and future.  Studies show there are critical stages in a crisis and corresponding messages that must be delivered at each stage.  We call these message strategies the “5 R’s” and implementing them at the appropriate time in the most effective way is a key element in successfully navigating a crisis.

What skills are necessary for a Public Relations Professional?

Problem solving, creativity, excellent writing and speaking skills, strong interpersonal skills, being a life-long learner, knowing the context in which you are providing counsel, tenacity and having a passion for achieving results.

What is the future of Public Relations?

Public Relations is a growing profession and valued more than ever by companies and organizations who understand the importance of communicating effectively with all stakeholders to achieve their goals and objectives.