Media Relations

Traditional and digital, highly targeted strategic campaigns, media counsel, media trends and insights, media influencers,
press conferences and media materials.


Our team includes former journalists and passionate media relations experts who create custom content to tell our clients’ stories. With precision targeting we navigate the complex media environment to deliver meaningful content and positive visibility.

Media Relationships

Our strong media relationships make us the go-to agency for identifying media platforms that will best communicate our clients’ messages. We take the time to meet and brief media on story opportunities. We fully understand the media’s needs and their audiences,  ensuring our pitches are always relevant and customized.

Executive Positioning

Executives are most often the storyteller for a company. We work with executives to develop messages that resonate and place them in the right place at the right time. This may include speaking opportunities, traditional and social media commentary and nominating executives for awards.

Community Affairs

Building coalitions and relationships, community relations, enculturation, government relations, grass-roots campaigns, public affairs, research and strategic philanthropy.

Community Building

We help our clients foster relationships that establish trust at a personal level, whether at the grass roots or with community leaders and officials.

Stakeholder Engagement

For any new business or project to succeed in Hawai‘i, local communities must be part of the process. Leaders, decision makers and community influencers need to be kept informed and provided opportunities for input and discussion.

Community Partnerships

As community builders, we don’t just talk; we listen and point the way to common ground for clients and communities whose objectives might differ. We build on that common ground by creating partnerships and relationships.

Enculturation Training

We are the only agency in Hawai‘i that provides clients with enculturation training, a tailored program that prepares clients to do business in Hawai‘i and deliver communications that respect and honor our Islands’ people, culture and ‘aina (land).

Crisis Management

Risk/vulnerability audits, crisis and issues scenario planning, strategy and message development, on-site crisis support, written statements, press conferences and advertising.

Crisis Plan Development

We help clients develop a crisis plan to effectively manage and navigate through a potential crisis. The crisis plan is an invaluable roadmap covering key messages and how best to handle traditional and digital media.

Issues Identification

Through in-depth research we help identify potential crisis issues and implement strategic responses to overcome them. This may include public affairs and government relations, social media strategy development and employee communications.

Training and Simulations

We prepare executives to handle tough questions in high-pressure environments such as during legislative committee hearings, investor meetings and press conferences. Our tailored, immersive training approach gives our clients the confidence and ability to effectively communicate their messages in challenging situations.

Strategic Counsel & On-Site Support

Unfortunately, some crises are unavoidable. The moment a crisis threatens, we are there for you and WITH you to help put your crisis communications plan into motion. This may involve writing and distributing media statements, holding press conferences and/or working with the media to ensure that your messages are communicated.

Communications Training

Our half and full-day communications training programs teach spokespeople how to handle public communication with confidence. Through on-camera training, interactive exercises and real-life case studies using former journalists, spokespeople learn how to maintain control of a media interview through focused preparation, powerful messaging and confident delivery.


Distinctive and compelling messages, authentic and entertaining stories, enhanced brand loyalty, increased sales and market share.

Audience-Specific Marketing

Whether the target audience is women, moms, tweens, LGBT, Hawaiians or any other specific group, our targeted approach creates brand loyalty and drives market share.

Consumer Outreach

We identify the right tools that make people sit up and take notice. This may include consumer education campaigns, cause-marketing sponsorships, strategic partnerships, celebrity and influencer seeding, social media and digital viral campaigns.

Event Marketing

We provide first-hand experiences for consumers to engage with your brand through product launches, pop-ups, major event activations, VIP experiences and more.

Branded Entertainment

We capture your audience’s attention by integrating brand messaging into entertainment. This may involve integrating your brand into television content, creating video vignettes or executing stand-out designs.

Creative Services

Digital, print, art direction, Web design and development, mobile, concept creation, production, copywriting, branding and identity

Graphic Design

In the digital age, creating stand-out print design is more important than ever. We design everything from flyers, posters, newsletters and more that speak to the consumer. We also manage the entire production process including printing, collating and binding, and can coordinate larger print jobs with our network of local printers.

Web Design & Development

A company’s website is its number-one branding tool. We design sites that keep your company current and build them to the latest Web standards. Upon launch we continue to monitor to ensure your website is meeting your communications needs.

Branding & Identity

We work with you to truly understand who you are and the message you want to convey. It’s important that your brand is an authentic representation of your company. We develop logos and identity kits and deliver award-winning integrated brand launches.

Creative Direction

We examine your existing brand and identity and devise clever new strategies that integrate creative executions into your overall marketing campaign.