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February 15, 2016


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Our daily hoʻokaʻaʻike (communication) from the body of the ʻAha to our ʻohana and kaiāulu (community).


HONOLULU, Hawai‘i ­–– On February 12, 2016, 115 Native Hawaiians convened in Maunawili for day 10 of this historic convening with these items on the agenda:

9.00a Wehena (Opening Pule/Oli) – Chair Brendon Kaleiʻāina Lee
9.05a Participant Presentations:

Jimmy Wong; Bronson Kaʻahui; Eddie Akana; Kalaniakea Wilson

10.30a Recess
10:45a Kūkākūkā Pākaukau (Table Discussions):

Identifying critical topics that must be addressed in the governing document(s)

11:45a Communications Committee Report – Rebecca Soon and Amy Kalili
Haliʻa Aloha (Reflection and Moment of Silence) for Puhipau – Amy Kalili
12:00p Lunch
1:15p Participant Presentations:

Keoni Agard, Esq; Keoni Choy

1:40p Group Work by the 11 Committees: Purpose, Power, Duties of Government; Executive Authority; Legislative Authority; Judiciary Authority; ʻĀina/Territory; Elections; Citizenship; Individual Rights; Collective Rights; Preamble; Prohibitions
3:00p Recess
3:15p Report Back from the 11 Committees
4.15p Haliʻa Aloha for Dr. Kekuni Blaisdell – Claire Hughes
4:29p Meeting called into recess for the weekend – Chair Brendon Kalei’āina Lee


Highlights of the day

Participant presentations continued on topics from Political Realities, to the importance of Hawaiian Language to the nation, and the Brilliance of Our Ancestors. Following presentations, group work resumed to identify critical points that participants want to make sure are addressed in the governing document to be drafted. All of the items identified were assigned to one of the 11 committees noted in the agenda. Participants spent the greater part of the afternoon considering the most appropriate committees for the myriad of topics identified until all had been assigned to and listed under the appropriate committees. Before wrapping up, the body agreed to add a drafting committee to ensure continuity as the ‘aha moves forward working on sections of the governing document in separate committees. The day ended with the second of two haliʻa aloha – moments of reflection – honoring kūpuna who have been koa kūpaʻa (steadfast warriors) for Native Hawaiians and passed on just this week.



  • Approving the Communications Committee Report



ʻAha Purpose Statement

The purpose of our ‘Aha1 is to advance the self-governance of kānaka maoli2 (the Native Hawaiian people) through:

  1. Drafting a governing document(s) for ratification by our Native Hawaiian people that establishes a Native Hawaiian3 government;
  2. Affirming our national identity and preserving our rights therein;4 and,
  3. Advancing the hopes of our people around land, language, culture, justice, and economic and political identify.



[1][1] ʻAha refers to the convening of 154 participants from February 1 – 27, 2016.

2 Where kānaka maoli is used, it refers to the people who are lineal descendants of the first kānaka of Hawaiʻi and who had communal land tenure rights under the Hawaiian Kingdom.

3 Defined as the descendants of any blood quantum of the people living in Hawaii prior to Western contact circa 1778.

4 This keeps all options open.


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